We are a strategic communications servicing company composed of leaders with strong academic qualifications in the field of Communications.

We offer ourselves as a “Thinking Partner” dedicated to assist clients in the areas of Crisis Management, Communications Campaigns, Stakeholder Relations and PR and Media Relations.

Our core competence is on MESSAGING & CONTENT + MEDIA NETWORK. Through in-depth data gathering and analyses, aided by purposive messaging, The Pinnacle has kept its relevance in Crisis Management and Issue Resolution. Complementing the substantive communication tools, The Pinnacle has vast and deep media networks from all over the country.

Our strength lies in our diversity. Our founders include finance professionals, lawyers, communications and crisis specialist. We are backed by Consultants who are industry experts in the fields of media, the academe, law, finance and taxation, business, engineering and former government leaders.

Our Leader


Sharina is a Crisis Communications and External Affairs Specialist with more than 20 years of combined professional experience in Public Affairs & Government Relations (PAGR), Stakeholder Relations and Crisis Communications. She has worked in the industries of Mining, Communications and PR and the Academe.

She is a member of The International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

Sharina is a published author.

Our Mission

We help companies achieve their goals through learning and development, communications and relationship building